The Lake District Guide

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who have contributed this material.

Those amongst us who are unable to access print material communicate through other senses - senses that many of us have set aside.

Our bookshop website supplies maps, pictures, greetings cards in a variety of media to suit different peoples' lifestyles. We supply relief, tactile, large print, Braille. We also supply Guide Books about accessible places to visit.

The following poem was written to highlight the fact that The Lake District is not just a visual experience but taken through the senses of a blind person has other sensory delights.

The Lake District without Sight.

Water laps gently round jetty and pebble,

Where ducks and swans gather to flutter and squabble.

High above in a breeze ropes on metal masts rattle,

And below all the crew and crowds tittle-tattle.

Boots, shoes, trainers, tramp cobbled streets and tarmac lanes,

Today everyone's tapping, with poles not with canes.

Jackdaws chatter from chimneys and weather vanes,

The Butcher's door opens with loose rattling panes.

Becks at trackside full with water rushing.

Ghylls gouge the rocks like rolling thunder crashing.

Deep peaty bogs stain gaiters with earth, smelling,

Between soft springy turf where Herdwick are dwelling.

Pubs on each side greet towny and yokel,

The chink of their glasses as each becomes vocal.

Rucksacks piled high with coats, become focal

Points to guide you to the bar like a local.

Walls built of stone cut round and cut square,

Mark your way, your clothing, scar legs if bare.

Fields bleating with sheep, single lambs or a pair;

Overhead a Buzzard mewing circles high in the air.

Great Gable and Haystacks, Pillar, Steeple, Scafell,

Skiddaw, Kidsty Pike, High Stile and Kirkfell.

Names all around, not just to see hear and tell,

But places to visit, through touch, taste, and smell.


picture of walker listening to the sound of a stream rushing by in full flow

Listening to the sound of water rushing

picture of a walker listening to a commentary on the view from the top of a fell using a recorded tape

Listening to the view!